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Our fantastic Race for Life event which took place on Monday has raised an amazing £724 with money still coming in.

Thank you to all of the students, friends and family who took part and contributed to an amazing event and who helped raise an incredible amount of money!

If you have any books you wish to donate to LJS library please feel free to bring them along and they will be added to our stock.  

The following authors are especially well-liked:  Roald Dahl, Jeff Kinney, Michael Morpurgo and Jaqueline Wilson.  Series of books such as Harry Potter, Skulduggery Pleasant and The Wimpy Kid are particularly popular and will be useful additions to the library.  

Books should be suitable for ages 9-16 and all contributions will be gratefully received.

Thank you for your help

Mrs C Nowell – Literacy Co-ordinator 

KS3 Assessment - Further Guidance for Parents/Carers

This information is for parent/carers seeking additional information (to the information I have sent to parent/carers regarding Progress Check 3). Over the last academic year, our time as a staff team working on 'Curriculum and Assessment' has been informed by researching current educational thinking, together with a full review of existing processes in school and then a comparison with Ofsted’s key documentation on features of outstanding assessment.

All of this work and these thought processes have helped inform our understanding about how to most effectively assess the progress that students are making at Key Stage 3. This is important to us not least because Key Stage 3 needs to build on successes students have achieved at Key Stage 2 and to allow them to develop the skills that they need to be academically successful at Key Stage 4.

Our thinking has been particularly influenced by Rosenshine, Christodoulou and Sherrington.  Below, you will find links to some relevant articles. These articles will give you an insight into the nature of this educational research.  (links to part 2, 3 and 4 of this series of articles are hyperlinked once you access this link at the end of ‘part 1’)

Please sign the info off from Mrs Juckes (Headteacher) 

Laurence Jackson School Summer Production 2019 – Little Shop of Horrors

This year a strong cast of students took part in a fantastic production full of energy and brilliant performances. Little Shop of Horrors, the rock musical comedy about a talking/singing Venus flytrap which eats its unsuspecting victims played to packed houses and impressed audiences over two nights.

Read more and take a look at the photos in our Music Department blog! - CLICK HERE


Many thanks to all parents who attended the information meeting regarding the latest OFSTED report and also those that have responded to the school with both questions regarding the process and support for the school and staff.

Mrs Juckes (Head Teacher) and Alan Ankers (chair of Governors) recently met with Simon Clarke MP and Local councillors to discuss the Ofsted report and the actions taken by the school so far.  Simon has put a video about his visit to the school on his social media which can be found on his Facebook page.

I am also providing this short update on the Rapid Improvement Board (RIB) actions, so far.

These have consisted of the following:

  1. Local Authority statement of actions has now been through the Council chambers and agreed. It has been submitted to OFSTED and subsequently approved by OFSTED. This was a combined piece of work between the Mrs Juckes (HT) , the Interim CEO and National Leader in Education (NLE) . This document forms the foundation of the school improvement plan.


  1. Mrs Juckes has, along with the NLE,  produced the school action plan which underpins the LA statement of actions. This document has also been submitted to Ofsted and approved as an annex to the LA statement of action.


  1. The Maths action plan has been presented to the RIB and a number of key actions have been implemented. The RIB chair has carried out learning walks in maths and a maths book scrutiny by RIB  members has taken place. There is a new marking policy in Maths to underpin the improvement required in maths books. It is also part of a whole school marking policy 


  1. As part of our involvement with the One Vision initiative an independent SEND review has taken place and the report has been submitted to the RIB for their action.


  1. The LA are looking to appoint a National Leader for Governance (NLG) to strengthen the Governance arrangements of the RIB. This should help in keeping a real focus on change and challenge. More on this when I receive more information.


  1. The Academisation Order has been received, we have been allocated a project officer by the RSC and the necessary document required has been submitted. The Headteacher Board is scheduled to sit in July to make a decision as to the best MAT solution for the school. If all goes according to plan we should be informed of the successful Trust shortly afterwards. (However, this timeline is subject to change).


In the meantime the RIB will continue to meet regularly and the Governing body will continue to support the RIB with:

Safeguarding, Statutory Policy arrangements/checks, Student Voice

and Standing Committees such as Pupil Disciplinary, Complaints, etc

Earlier in the year we announced plans to extend half price rail fares to 16 and 17-year-olds through a new railcard. The new railcard will be launched towards the end of August, ready for the new academic year. We know that many local authorities already deliver discount schemes for young people, and this new railcard is designed to complement those existing schemes. Given the ongoing engagement many of you have with train operating companies on those local products and offers, we wanted to ensure that you were well informed about the new railcard, and the Q&A below should provide some useful information:


  1. Who will be eligible for the new Railcard?

The new railcard can be purchased by all 16 and 17 year olds.


  1. How much will the railcard cost?

It will cost £30 per year.


  1. How long will the railcard be valid?

The railcard will be valid for one year or until the holder’s 18th birthday, whichever is earliest.


  1. Which services can the railcard be used on?

The railcard will be valid on services provided by DfT-franchised train operating companies. Conversations with devolved administrations about acceptance of the railcard on franchises they manage are ongoing.


  1. Can the railcard be used for season tickets?

Yes – the railcard will be valid on singles, returns and season tickets. It is designed to enable 16 and 17 year olds to access the same half price child fares that they could access until they were 16.


  1. How does this railcard differ from the existing 16-25 Railcard?

This railcard will provide a different level of discount to the existing 16-25 railcard, which is aimed at leisure travel. The 16-25 railcard has a minimum fare of £12 for journeys starting between 4.30am and 10am on week days and is therefore less useful for travel to and from education or training. There will be few restrictions associated with the 16-17 railcard, with railcard-holders eligible for half price fares, including on season tickets, and with no minimum fares.  


  1. Why have you introduced this new railcard?

Young people are required to stay in education or training until their 18th birthday, but they only have access to half price child rail fares until their 16th birthday. This new railcard is designed to bridge that gap and provide an additional support for young people.


We will provide further information on the new railcard closer to launch. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns please contact Deborah Lewis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please find advice from North Yorkshire County Council regarding MDMA / Ecstasy

Congratulations to the staff and 32 students who walked from Castleton to Broadgate Farm, Westerdale, for their Duke of Edinburgh practice camp over the weekend.

On arrival students pitched their tents and cooked an evening meal for themselves.

The following day students broke camp after breakfast and walked back to Castleton following a different route. All of the students preformed excellent under challenging wet conditions but kept their spirits up and finished with a smile on their faces. 

This walk and camp has given the student confidence and will stand them in good stead for their final expedition taking place the weekend of 15th June.

Huge congratulations to our KS3 athletics teams for their outstanding individual and team performances at the Redcar and Cleveland Athletics Championships held at Middlesbrough Sports Village on Thursday 16 May. Every student competed with great effort and determination and showed immense pride in wearing the LJS badge.  The results were:


Y7 Girls = Joint 1st Place

Y7 Boys = 2nd Place

Y8 Girls = 1st Place

Y8 Boys = 1st Place

Y9 Girls = 1st Place

Y9 Boys = 1st Place


Thanks to Mrs Mitchinson for organising the teams.

Thursday 25 April 2019 saw our 11th consecutive LJS Dance show take place.

The spectacular show involved over 60 students representing every year group.

On Wednesday 3rd April a team of Year 10’s attended an annual Maths Competition Maths Feast at Teesside University.

Congratulations to the seven Y10's took part in a 13 kilometre practice walk in Teesdale on Sunday 31 March. Students practiced map reading skills, taking compass bearings, catching features and pacing.

The Y9 Bronze DofE students raised a total of £528.50 with £250 of the sponsor money going to the Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team.

On Thursday 14 March, our Year 8 Healthy Lifestyle Champions planned and delivered a sports festival for 40 students from Year 7 and 8.

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Gabrielle S was successful in her bid to become the next Youth Member of Parliament for Redcar and Cleveland, she is due to take over from Kellen (ex LJS pupil) over the coming days. 

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