“LJS is a joyful place, full of exciting new opportunities. Everyone succeeds in their search for excellence; LJS improves life chances and unleashes potential” Head Girl
“LJS is a hardworking and enjoyable school that offers a vast selection of opportunities for every student, giving them the building blocks for a successful life” Head Boy

LJS – Headlines/Briefing Notes

8 February 2016 – Week 1

Whole school priorities 2015/16

                       1    Consistent application of Gold Standards

            2    Improving outcomes for DAC & SEN (& closing gaps)

               3    PSBP – successful implementation and transition


   Focus for half term 3 – Learning walk and work scrutiny focus:

Challenge, differentiation and extension – particularly DAC, least and most able students

Olympic Ring No 5 – TEAM – recognising achievement and celebrating success.  It is Star Student week and assemblies will focus on ‘children who change the world’.  I would like form tutors to encourage all students to recognise the strengths of others and reflect on their own individual achievements – could they do even more?  at school?  at home?  enrichment?  family?  community?  Please drop in on assemblies if you get the chance – they are really uplifting.

NB  Please ensure Friday’s training day is written in planners; simple message:- school closed for students – staff training day.  Also clear verbal instruction to keep away from other primary and secondary schools

Eve Champions the Cause of Young Carers:



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