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“LJS is a joyful place, full of exciting new opportunities. Everyone succeeds in their search for excellence; LJS improves life chances and unleashes potential” Head Girl
“LJS is a hardworking and enjoyable school that offers a vast selection of opportunities for every student, giving them the building blocks for a successful life” Head Boy

LJS – Headlines/Briefing Notes

Monday 20 March – Week 2

Aims for term 2 :- Firm, fair application of our Olympic standards and expectations


Olympic Ring No. 4 – RESPECT – Respecting ALL adults in the LJS community by following reasonable instructions without question.  Low level disruption, defiance, and refusal will NOT be tolerated.  Year Leader assemblies will focus on this aspect.


Thought for the Week – Last week was the 70th  anniversary of the liberation of Belsen Concentration Camp where over 100,000 men, women and children died under the Nazi regime – including Anne Frank at the tender age of 15 years.  Please take time out to remember those who are affected by this depraved time of European history.

PS     HT Challenge this week features the forthcoming General Election – please encourage participation

Remember Belsen (concentration camp)

This week marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Belsen by British troops on 15 April 1945 – not as well-known as Auschwitz but equally horrific and depraved. This camp is where Anne Frank met her death at the age of 15.

Extension Work:-  Please google Belsen.  Richard Dimbleby’s eye witness account for the BBC is an extraordinary and moving insight into the true horror and cruelty of concentration camps (youtube).

*Warning – this is high quality but hard hitting journalism and may upset those of a nervous disposition.


Dear Parent/Carer

Standards and expectations assemblies took place on Monday 13 April 2015 to re-enforce our basic systems.

They featured all aspects of school life including courtesy, mutual respect, punctuality, uniform and equipment.  There was a special focus on behaviour, where students were reminded of our S.P.O.R.T. Olympic ring expectations and the LJS pillars of respect.

Mobile phones have become an increasing cause for concern and following consultation with staff the policy has been modified.  From Tuesday 14 April, mobile phones/electrical devices must not be used/visible within our school buildings – they will be immediately confiscated.  They can however be used at break and lunchtime outside the school buildings but must be switched off and out of sight before re-entering the buildings.

We felt that the start of a new term was the right time to re-emphasise standards and expectations to ensure quality learning can take place without having to deal with behaviour/mobile phone issues.

We value your interest and look forward to your continued support with the implementation of decent standards as we strive to improve the life chances of all LJS students.

Yours sincerely

Tony Gavin




5mphA gentle reminder that the speed limit for the site at LJS is now 5mph.

This is particularly important during the construction phase for the new building.

We politely but firmly ask all members of the community to comply with this reasonable expectation.



Sainsbury’s Vouchers for School

We are collecting the Sainsbury’s Vouchers for School – there is a collection box at the school’s Reception.  Can I please encourage you to collect and donate these vouchers, which we can exchange for Active Kids equipment and experiences.


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