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“LJS is a joyful place, full of exciting new opportunities. Everyone succeeds in their search for excellence; LJS improves life chances and unleashes potential” Head Girl
“LJS is a hardworking and enjoyable school that offers a vast selection of opportunities for every student, giving them the building blocks for a successful life” Head Boy

Note to parents of year 7&8 students regarding English exams/reports/assessments

I would like to apologise to parents and students in years 7&8 for the late arrival of a letter which outlined results achieved in end of year English exams. The nature and timing of this letter has not surpisingly caused some alarm and we will endeavour to clarify the situation by the end of the Summer break.

There will be a meeting during w/c 18th August to examine issues/concerns arising with a follow up letter to reassure students and parents by the end of August. Although in three years time the exam wil be vitally important, this was just a trial run and the resulting level/grade should only be seen as one piece of the bigger assessment jigsaw rather than the final, total result.

Once again, please accept our sincere apologies for any confusion or consternation arising from receipt of the original letter.

Tony Gavin

23rd July 2014 

Have a Great Summer Break

To all students, staff, governors and families, all the very best for a safe, enjoyable and relaxing Summer break – you all certainly deserve it.  Please don’t forget that Monday 1 September is a staff training day and all students return on Tuesday 2 September at the normal time of 8.25am.

Results Day is Thursday 21 August from 10am (11am for Y10) when school, college and careers staff will be available to meet your needs.

2013/14 has been a fantastic year for LJS with outstanding achievements in a wide range of academic and enrichment activities, many of which are captured in our fabulous Summer Newsletter – please make time to read about our exploits.

Thank you to the whole community for your support throughout the year as we look with excitement towards our new school build.

Onward and upward, working together to improve the life chances of all children at LJS.

Tony Gavin


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