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“LJS is a joyful place, full of exciting new opportunities. Everyone succeeds in their search for excellence; LJS improves life chances and unleashes potential” Head Girl
“LJS is a hardworking and enjoyable school that offers a vast selection of opportunities for every student, giving them the building blocks for a successful life” Head Boy

Evidence for the change in LJS mobile phone policy.

At LJS we have considered banning mobiles completely but came to the conclusion that it presented a legitimate H+S issue for the many students who stay after school for enrichment activities.

The classic case study is of a child waiting in the bus lane or even walking home during winter months with no means of communication and we were not prepared to allow that to happen.

We will see how the current plan works – of all mobiles switched off and put safely out of sight - and review later next half term.

The current feedback is positive in terms of the impact on T+L + B4L and in effect it does ban phones from the learning environment but students still have access for any emergencies before or after school.

I personally think it is a reasonable compromise and the logistics of imposing a complete ban plus the negative energy involved is a step too far at present.

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Monday 18 May – Week 2

Aims for term 2 :- Firm, fair application of our Olympic standards and expectations


Olympic Ring No 5 – TEAM – Use of language

This week I would like all students to think carefully about courtesy to others, specifically in the language that they use.  Walking around the school it is easy to overhear inappropriate or hurtful language directed from one student to another.  This is not acceptable and would lead to disciplinary action in any work place.

Thank students for their compliance with the mobile phone policy but explain that from Monday 12 May, anyone heard using foul, abusive, inappropriate or hurtful language will receive an immediate C3.  I need all tutors to discuss this with their tutor groups so that no one can say they ‘haven’t been warned’.  It will also be reiterated in assemblies.

As with the mobile phone policy, ordinary, decent, law abiding students have nothing to fear from this but we need to eradicate the use of poor language around school.

Thought for the Week – “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”.  This links in with star student assemblies and overcoming barriers to learning.


LJS new build – the first steps towards turning the vision into a reality.

Click here to watch the steelwork taking shape.

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 Headteacher Challenge – part of the revamped ‘home-learning policy’

During the Summer term, we are completing our review of homework and home learning and hope to have a clear, simple, joined up policy in place for September 2015.

We appreciate that subjects are currently operating in slightly different ways but that is a result of the changing nature of assessment.  We are pulling the strands together and will present our updated policy before the end of term, ready for September.  I would like to thank Mrs Spencer and Mrs Nowell for their significant contribution to this strategy.

Meanwhile, I have introduced a weekly home learning ‘challenge’ based on topical themes in order to provide an extension activity for all students.  The response has been really positive with over 90 students participating so far.

The challenge is aimed at increasing student awareness of world events and rewards will be given to the best researched and most coherent responses.  This week’s challenge focuses on  Kings and Queens , for a full list of topics please see below.

Challenges so far this year:

Solar Eclipse


General Election


Nepal Earthquake

VE Day



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