“LJS is a joyful place, full of exciting new opportunities. Everyone succeeds in their search for excellence; LJS improves life chances and unleashes potential” Head Girl
“LJS is a hardworking and enjoyable school that offers a vast selection of opportunities for every student, giving them the building blocks for a successful life” Head Boy

School is closed on Monday 30 November for a Staff Training Day





LJS – Headlines/Briefing Notes

Tuesday 1 December 2015 – Week 1

Whole school priorities 2015/16

1     Consistent application of Gold Standards

2     Improving outcomes for DAC & SEN (& closing gaps)

3     PSBP – successful implementation and transition


Focus for half term 2 – Gold standards including routines, presentation and impact of marking policy

(Learning walks will include work scrutiny)


Olympic Ring No 4 – RESPECT – each other by moving/circulating sensibly around the school.  I appreciate the constraints caused by the new building but please encourage/insist that students keep to the left, avoid bottlenecks if possible and when facing an inevitable queue, act safely and maturely by being patient and not pushing.  We are looking at ways to help relieve the bottlenecks particularly in the main corridor and student entrance/exit.

Thought for the Week -  

“Christmas gift suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect.”

Oren Arnold

TGs Weekly Blog

Well done to everyone who participated in the EDS review – please refer to my feedback letter.  Our HMIs left with a really favourable impression of students and staff.

Please make the most of Monday for personal reflection and recharging your batteries so that we can continue our relentless drive for raising achievement over the last three weeks of term.  You are doing an awesome job individually and collectively.

Many thanks


Headteacher’s Blog – November 2015

We had a wonderful end to the first half term with really upbeat star student award assemblies and a highly successful Enrichment Day, appreciated by students and with glowing feedback from visitors.  Y11 Parental Consultation Evening was well attended (over 75%) as was the Governors’ Personal Development & Welfare meeting, with again positive feedback.  In addition, we have achieved some remarkably good sports results in a wide variety of activities which were celebrated at the annual Sports Celebration Evening with guest speaker Chris Tomlinson, our local Olympian.  Since that evening, there have been further outstanding results, including at the Northern Cross Country Championships with Archie Lowe winning the race and our boys’ team finishing 5th overall, and the girls’ team finishing a remarkable 2nd overall with Charlotte Bennett 3rd.  Meanwhile, Danny Neill is continuing to impress with his developing boxing career.  Well done to all of our individuals and teams who are great sporting ambassadors for their families, school and area.

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